ACT INDIA – Vision

Athena Group is an institution which provides service to all the most needy and the poor through the spirit of the Divine Healer.

We would like to search for a newer knowledge and newer ways to discover the real needs of persons through research. we would also like to share this knowledge with others through nursing education and develop skills in providing quality care to the people without distinction of caste colour or social status.

We uphold and instill respect for life and human dignity of a person from conception to death.

The school of nursing believes in providing nursing education based and built on scientific principles and sound educational theory and practice in order to prepare professionally qualified nurses, who will be able to function as a team in all health care agencies in the roll of a practicing nurse.

We would like to promote the all round developments of the students with special emphasis on human, moral, psychological, intellectual and spiritual aspects which is required to prepare a professional nurse who will be a responsible citizen.

Being aware of the actual need of the profession we would like to provide education to those nurses who will be able to contribute towards professional excellence by meeting the issues and challenges comforting the nursing profession today.