Nursing Courses


  • Acquire knowledge of theory and principles of nursing and allied subjects, which
    are involved in the delivery of comprehensive nursing practice.
  • Develop skills in applying scientific principles and knowledge in rendering health
    services in the hospital and community.
  • Assess the client’s needs, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care given.
  • Participate as members of the health team in the promotive , preventive, curative and
    rehabilitative health care delivery system of the society.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and instill problem solving and decision making at
    different levels of work and life.
  • Recognize the need for continuous learning for their personal and professional
  • Practice ethical values in their personal and professional life, rendering nursing
    service in a committed manner with spirit.


Course Description and Duration

The course is of 3-½ year’s duration. Three years theory and practice in General Nursing and 6 months internship period. The maximum hours per week per student shall be 36-40 hours which includes instruction and clinical field experience.

Attendance, Internal Assessment and Criteria for Passing

A minimum of 80% attendance is compulsory in theory and practical/clinical separately
In each subject to attend board examination.

25% of the total marks in each subject is set apart for internal assessment. A student is
assessed on the basis of performance in periodical tests and assignments. The internal
assessment marks obtained are added to the marks in the Board examination.

A minimum of 50% marks in theory and practical separately is required to pass in the
Board examination.

Curriculum Pattern


1. Biological Science (i) Anatomy & Physiology (ii) Microbiology
2. Behavioral Science (i) Psychology (ii) Sociology
3. Fundamental of Nursing (i) Fundamentals of nursing (ii)First Aid (iii) Personal Hygiene.
4. Community Health Nursing (i) Community Health Nursing (ii) Environmental Hygiene (iii) Health Education & Communication skills (iv) Nutrition
5. English
6. Kannada

2nd YEAR

1. Medical Surgical Nursing I (including Pharmacology)
2. Medical Surgical Nursing II
3. Mental Health & Psychiatry Nursing
4. Computer Education

Curriculum Pattern

3rd YEAR

1. Midwifery & Gynecology
2. Community Health Nursing II
3. Pediatric Nursing

Internship Period

1. Educational Methods & Media for teaching in Practice nursing
2. Introduction to Research
3. Professional Tends & Adjustment.
4. Administration & Ward Management
5. Health Economics.

Preliminary Period

There will be a preliminary period of 12 weeks. During this time student will attend the wards for observation & supervise practice not exceeding 16 hours per week. An examination to assess the student’s ability to continue the course shall be held in the 11th Or 12th week.

Procedure for completing the course:

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to examination if the head of the school certifies that:

  • Students have completed not less than 11 months of the course & that her total performance has been satisfactory during that period.
  • Student has attended 75% of the formal instruction given on each subject &75% field experience separately during the year. However the total field experience clinical experience prescribed must be completed before the final examination (3rd year) but the Diploma shall not be awarded until the student has completed the field work requirement.
  • Student record of practical experience is up to date.
  • The internal marks for theory papers as well as for the practical have been sent to the Council /Board.